Let Your Daughter Shine

Dress her in stylish clothes she'll love

If you want new smocked dresses or cute pajamas for your daughter, The Smocked Tots, LLC is the place to shop. We have an amazing selection of girl's clothes that include shirts, bottoms, pajamas, swimwear, loungewear and outfit sets. Our southern-style apparel is the perfect choice for any classy occasion.

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Making memories with cute clothes

Making memories with cute clothes

The right outfit can help you create all kinds of memories with your daughter. When you check out our online store, we can help you find all the pieces you need for your kid's closet. You can buy clothes to:

  • Create the perfect Easter photos
  • Make your daughter feel like a little princess
  • Find a cute bathing suit for the family beach trip

No matter what kind of clothes you're looking for, we're sure to have something that fits the bill. If you want to buy new clothes for your daughter, check out our selection today.